Hot to play penny slot machines to win a jackpot

Penny slot machines seem to be very attractive to newbies, as it is supposed that one can make a spin with a 1 cent only, and in 2019, with more BTC casinos appeared, a player can do it even for the smallest sum (paying in Satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin). Naturally, with such low stakes, gamblers are interested in how to win on penny slot machines at least several dollars (certainly, the more, the better).

Luckily, these slots differ from other gaming machines mostly with the lowest bets per spin. This feature does not affect the sum of the possible prize and depends on the slot and its RTP as well. Nevertheless, some peculiarities of these slots (the number of paylines) make players deal with higher bets.

Penny slot machines secrets and how to play these slots

Penny slots are the type of low-cost free online gaming machines where a player is supposed to spend a small amount of money while earning a fortune. One can find these games on penny slot machines com, for instance. These slots have a wide range of additional bonus options, offering general gambling rules and bet limits, but they also have some hidden features, a newbie cannot guess about.

Just because the best penny slot machines to play are called “penny” slots not mean that gamblers use a dime per 1 spin. Theoretically, one can play this game for a penny per round, but in this case, only 1 payline will be activated. The chance to get a jackpot and sometimes a bonus game will be lost.

Besides, there are penny slots, where only several paylines (not one) can be active during 1 spin. Yes, a rotation of the reels cost 1 cent, but the slot has a special feature: more paylines that have to stay active. So, a gambler pays often 10, 20 or more cents making one spin. Moreover, in some top penny slots, a spin price can be over 2 dollars. The good thing here is that the winning is corresponding; these slots have a high payout.

Certainly, it is preferable for a newbie to play first penny slot machines free: it will let him understand if it is worth playing for real money further or if these “penny” machines cost much more in reality. You can play in online slots australia.

Penny slots variety and their types

The most popular of them are the so-called Vegas slots, the games that are connected with the gambling themes. Classic Fruit machines are also in this list as well as the latest video slots by popular gaming software providers including NetEnt and Playtech.

However, 2 types here are distinguished — progressive and non-progressive penny slots. It means that they offer jackpots. In this case, the question appears: “How do you play penny slot machines to get this jackpot with a cent?” The answer is simple: activate all paylines (1 dime per each line). Naturally, one can start with a penny for a spin, but the best option, to begin with, is a free gaming machine.

Here is the list of penny slot machines with best odds that are popular in 2019:

  • Book of Dead;
  • Blaze of Ra;
  • Golden Colts penny slot machines;
  • Divine Fortune;
  • Gold King;
  • Temple of TUT, etc.

Some of the games with a penny for a spin can be played only online, while the other ones have similar gaming machines in land casinos. The choice depends on the preferences of a gamer.

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