Penny slots Vegas free online: try out a popular Canadian gambling game

Penny slots Vegas free online

Slot games is a great way to spend some joyful time, relaxing from your daily routine. Colorful and bright games can become a great source of inspiration and thrilling emotions, if you’re willing to rely on the Lady Luck and spend a part of your budget. Playing on real money, you have a great chance to hit a jackpot, that will become your pleasant income.

The idea of new Vegas penny slot machines is really simple. At first, you need to register at a decent online casino and find a game that you like. Then, when you open it, you need to choose your bet and place a certain amount of chips on it. After that, colorful symbols on the screen will start spinning, forming a certain combination. If it’s a lucky one – you can claim your winning and withdraw it on your credit card.

Try out top Vegas slots in Canada and win real money

The first thing you should do in order to succeed in the online gambling – is to choose a great casino, that will provide you really high-quality service.

There are two main criteria, that you should always check before starting playing at a particular online casino. First of all, make sure that it’s legal, so you will avoid getting scammed by fraud websites. Secondly, check out their payout and win rate percentages, and choose the one with the highest points, so your winning will be as high as possible. Additionally, we recommend checking an activity of a client support service, a variety of games, ways to make a deposit and withdraw money and acceptable currency at the platform.

If you want to play free online Las Vegas penny slots, but you don’t have enough time or will to choose an online casino, you can pick the one from our list:

  • LeoVegas – enjoy big win penny slots Vegas free online games at the most popular slot casino in Canada;
  • LuckyDays;
  • Spin casino;

These gambling platforms had the highest reviews from professional players and were approved by the government, so you can freely try them out now and enjoy some magneficent games!

Practical recommendations that will help you to master a slot game quickly

Even though slot games are very simple to understand and master, there are still some general advices for newbies, that can protect from making obvious mistakes:

  1. At the first periods of learning how to win at penny slots Vegas free online, don’t make bets for real money;
  2. Stick to the games with a correct volatility level;
  3. Choose games with the highest RTP;

That’s a basic you should know before playing games for real money. The other aspects of the game you will learn from practice, since it’s really easy even for beginners!

Can you win on penny slots essential details

Penny slots have been existed for around fifteen years and it is perceived as one of the best and safest places to play for free and for real money. Lots of players may wonder can you make money on penny slots and the answer is yes indeed. People may enjoy variety of moderns lost with multiple paylines as well as progressive jackpots. The strategy of getting regular wins may not differ substantially from other slots as it is all about risk and rewards, whereas hitting the jackpot could take a while but it is still possible.

How much could be won on penny slot machines?

How much can you win on penny slots may differ significantly depended on various factors but winning off by implementing basic strategies is possible. People also have to make sure what category and types of slots suites them in the best way. Once it is all settled, the general idea of percentage payout on the basis of RTP could be taken as the foundation for managing risk and reward.


If a game is divided into stints that are consisted of several bets, then the probability of financial returns could be calculated on this basis. If loss occurs double the bet in the next stint to recover loss and fix profit, if unlucky repeat the action. Strongly consider:

  1. RTP percentage of a slot that is played;
  2. Set the target for the win;
  3. Make up your mind in terms of limit orders if wins occur regularly;
  4. Never go for the last cent to be put at stake if it is unlucky day;
  5. Be aware where and when to stop.

Based on the above mentioned theory, specialists of the industry claim that an average 20%-50% of the sum that is put at stake can be won in a positive scenario. Luck must be on player’s side anyway. Some players claim that can you win at penny slots or not is depended purely on the amount of money is put at stake. For instance, if sums started from USD 1.25 is put at stake, then the chances of winning will be higher. It may be the case but this theory is not mathematically proved as well as not proved by software developers who have no reason not to tell the truth.

Is jackpot possible to be hit on penny slots?

Can you win on penny slots and hit the jackpot is another question that players may ask. Again, the answer is yes but it is all about the probability and the winner is going to be selected randomly. It also depends on what kind of slot is played and what strategy is implemented. The general advice will be to look at the statistics, which slots pay out the jackpot more frequently and at what amounts. Then when it gets closer to an average amount that a certain slot pays, players may start to challenge their luck. Remember the following:

  • Use probability theory and basic odds calculations;
  • Take chances and remember that it is all risk and reward;
  • Jackpot slots cannot think and the winner is going to be selected by the software randomly;
  • Make your game in the manner just as though an ordinary slot is played.

If player is lucky then this is his day, if not try some luck next time and take only positive aspects with it. Can you win on penny slots and hit the jackpot is all about pure luck but winning it is possible indeed.

Best penny slot machines to play – 5 games that will win your heart

Did you know that you are able to dive into casino entertainment with just one penny? Right now? We don’t joke: 0.01 coin is a unique little beat that ensures online gaming, brings memorable thrills, and turns your cent into millions in a blink. Especially, if you know what are the best penny slot machines to play and what uncountable rewards each pokie can give.

Best penny slot machines

Don’t know how to get in on a new kind of slots? Actually, they are all the same non-intimidating soft machines with a classic betting system, one “spin” button, and several fortunate reels. Looks familiar, right? Or do you need some more hints?

Penny games: how to deal with them?

To begin with, remind yourself how to pick up the best online penny slots and squeeze maximum excitement out of every single spin.

  1. No matter what denominations you prefer, choose top-shelf games with certified RNGs (mostly from world-class providers), the highest RTP percentages (at least 96.5%), and delightful volatility. Sometimes small frequently won jackpots are rather better than constantly lossful streaks in the endless pursuit of million wins.
  2. Enjoy the best penny slot machines to play only at casino, which goes under international gambling licenses (Malta, US, or UK) and which is based on trusted banking systems accessible from Australia. Otherwise, all your stakes will be just a waste of money.
  3. As far as penny slots look absolutely affordable and need a microscopic stake on every line, there is a great possibility of getting carried away and losing all cash at all. Additionally, get prepared: to reach a stage of spinning crescendo, some slots require bet packages, which offer 10, 20, 50, or even 100 spins at once. Of course, hours of dynamic action are priceless, but at the same time, you should also think of your wallet. Hence, control your win-lose balance and know the right moment to stop.

As you see, penny pokies are a wonderful way to do what you love, spend almost nothing, and get real-world rewards for it. Can you imagine anything better?

Mini bets – maxi rewards

As far as penny pokies have become the most fan-favorite game variation in virtual Las Vegas, nowadays you can find thousands of the best penny slot machines to play. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t pay attention to any frolic, which is included in penny slot online catalogs. When it comes to deep playing enjoyment, don’t trust catchy titles and search for penny slot rating instead.

Make your penny… lucrative!

To get you on the best way to success, we created an awesome selection of the best penny slots to play. Each of them brings luxurious casino experience and stacks of dollars straight into your home.

  • Iconic Starburst by NetEnt. This world-first offers promising 96.1% RTP, brilliant jackpots up to x50000, and superior wild astrogems with respin chances. Once you try it, you won’t be able to stop dreaming of cosmic crystals forever!
  • Gonzo’s Quest. The slot couldn’t become the most popular online game in 2020 for nothing. Full of forgotten gold El Dorado invites everyone with 0.01 coin to discover its ancient tumbling stones and other secrets. Whoever you are – a lucky traveler or a seasoned conquistador – take advantage of 96% RTP, up to x2500 winning potential, and preeminent 20 paylines.
  • Drago – Jewels of Fortune by Pragmatic Play. Incredible slot that will make your heart beat much faster and your imagination -believe in majestic fire dragons. Incredible graphics and immersive sounds will take you to real dragons’ cave. On top of all that, there are 1600 ways to win, up to x48000 riches and x3 multiplication!

So, if you are looking for ultimate fun alongside cash trophies, don’t wait any longer and indulge in these best penny slots to play. Winning moments are 100% guaranteed!

Advantages and features of the best penny slot machines to play online

The best penny slot machines to play with one cent only are very valuable for players with a limited budget and for the beginners, as they offer the best way to start gambling almost from “zero”. The penny version of the slot games is beneficial for gamblers, who shy away from the risk of large sums in gaming machines.

However, the hidden truth here is as follows: although a penny slot is supposed to use a cent for a spin, it often costs a player more, because he does not know that even the best penny slot machines to play at the casino are played in multiple reels and a larger number of coins to bet per spin. Therefore, a beginner should play these games with caution, checking the balance on his playing account. In ideal, free penny slots must be tried first to see all the hidden features of these cheap games, their secrets, weigh pros and cons when playing them.

The best penny slot machines to play advantages and features

The penny slot is actually not just a penny game. When the slot gives a chance to play many lines during one spin with a cent for a line, the gambler has to spend more than $0.1 during one rotation. However, the best penny slot machines to play in 2019, offer higher payouts than “regular” ones, especially in land casinos. This is explained by the fact that online providers have to invest less money in the operation of the machines than regular providers, who have to spend much on their land casinos.

Besides, these machines are also beneficial for players for the following reasons:

  1. Penny slots offer casino players a lower risk to play and enjoy the slot games in casinos.
  2. They are credit-friendly for the players. At the lowest bet of the smallest currency unit, even new gamblers can afford to use them.
  3. The best penny slot machines to play with a cent offer not only fun but the potential of huge profits for the players. They have bigger payouts than other normal games played in casinos. The bettor is cheaper, but the prize money is higher.
  4. Online casinos have varieties of penny gaming machines — from classic games to progressive slots.
  5. The graphical online presentation of these machines is very entertaining and usually stems from glowing and flashing lights that are guaranteed to amaze online casino slot players.

The best penny slots

In reality, it is not easy to answer the question of what are the best penny slot machines to play, as too many things here depend on the personality of a gambler. Some players enjoy graphics and pick slots that are attractive visually. The other ones think about payouts more. Many casino clients pick these slots for the reason a jackpot can be one.

Newbies like penny games with a fewer number of lines not to spend much in the beginning or simply find the casinos where they can try these games in a Demo free mode. Meanwhile, some of these games remain popular among almost all categories of the players.

Here are the names of the best penny slot machines to play at the casino:

  • Necromancer. The new game for lovers of horror;
  • Rise of Olympus. The game for fans of Ancient Greece theme;
  • Disco Bar 7s. Released in 2018, these games were called among the best penny slot machines to play even in 2019;
  • Abundance Spell. Penny slot for those, who love haunting stories;
  • 4 Seasons. This is the perfect choice of fans of Asian themes, etc.

Online penny slot machines also offer bonuses and ways to supplement the balance. With so many game options that can be played at just a penny, there are steadily more players switching to the penny slot machines.

Wizard of Vegas for best gaming pleasure.

Wizard of Vegas for amazing joy

Virtual club Wizard of Vegas first appeared in the world of gaming industry back in 2009. Its main functional feature is the information support of events that take place in the gambling world of Las Vegas. Also, here you will find a very exciting and informative forum of players who share their knowledge and experience of casino games, both land-based and online formats.

Casino Pros

The site Wizard of Vegas which you can find thanks to Yelp, attracts every day an increasing number of players and people who are interested in the news of the gambling world of Las Vegas. On the club website you can spend long hours reading the news of the entertainment industry, playing fun and profitable slots, as well as earning big winnings.

Withdrawal of money from the system

Any casino game is doubly interesting if it brings profit to players. Of course, the format of Demo competitions is very interesting for beginners, but gamers with more experience are much more attracted to play for money.

In order to win the real jackpot, you must first make a Deposit. To do this, players must indicate on the club website during registration their payment data, where the won amounts of money will be transferred later.

Online casino Wizard of Vegas allows players to use different currencies to replenish their account. Also, users independently choose the method of withdrawal of funds from the system. Withdrawal operations are quite fast, all terms of transactions are described in detail in the user agreement of the club.

Technical support

On the website of the club there is around the clock technical support of casino customers. Users can write any request in an online format and in the near future the operators of the service will give users a timely and complete response. Also, players can write a letter to the managers of the club to the email address listed on the website.

On the casino website, users can write any suggestion or problem they have directly in the wizard of vegas forum section. You can create a new subject in this tab, and you can write your answer-opinion in an already existing topic. This is a very convenient option, because with the help of it, players can not only express their opinions, but also get to know other members of the Wizard of Vegas community.

Mobile App

Thanks to the modern success of the IT-industry, you can now have fun on the Wizard of Vegas website in the mobile app. This program is available for most modern operating systems, including, Android and Apple.

To download the app, users need to find the appropriate app in store on their phone and then click on the download icon. After a few seconds, the Wizard of Vegas Blackjack app will be installed on the smartphone and the user will be able to use it.

Types of casino games

On the Wizard of Vegas platform, you can choose different games. Among the most popular slots to date are:

  • 3X Raise Holdem
  • All in Holdem
  • Atkins Diet
  • Australian Reels
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Mississippi Stud
  • Pai Gow

Any slot machine on the club website works both in browser mode and when downloaded to the device. You can play Wizard of Vegas Craps online using any device – computer, phone, tablet.

Characteristics of the virtual platform

If you have just visited the site of this club for the first time, then be sure to pay attention to its convenient and functional interface, which in combination with a bright and rich design makes this site very attractive for gamers of any age.

Slot developers offer users progressive jackpots to attract an increasing number of players to their site. You can even win the grand prize by swiping the slot reel just once! The value of such prizes and rewards for customers increases with each new bet made in the game, and culminates when the player eventually gets into a winning combination and takes a large jackpot.

Loyalty program for users

In order for players to choose the best gambling platform in 2019 and spend long hours competing on it, club owners are developing loyalty programs for all levels of their customers. Various bonus promotions, free spins, special conditions for VIP customers and many other offers are waiting for gamers who have just decided to become a member of the Wizard of Vegas community.